Leading Pharmaceutical Company Develops Revolutionary Solution for Open Wound Healing

Mega Biotech

Mega Pharma (Pvt) Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka promoting specialized pharmaceutical products and high-tech medical devices. With more than 22 years in the business, the company enjoys an unblemished reputation built on high ethical standards maintained in sales, marketing and distribution.

Set up in 2009, Mega Biotech is an innovative joint venture between Mega Pharma & Origin Scientia of Singapore.

Since its incorporation, it moved the boundaries of treatment for wound healing, developing a ground breaking solution. Chairman Shirantha Peries highlights, “Mega Biotech is an innovative company that thinks outside the box. We are not a traditional pharmaceutical company that believes in the classic approach of healing with antibiotics, we have developed a unique natural way of treating wound infections”.

Unique Maggot debridement therapy for non-healing wounds

Mega Biotech operates a state of the art insectary and laboratory, producing sterile larvae as a first step to the revolutionary healing process. Shirantha Peries explains that the bio dressing brand named “Medifly” is presented in sterile containers containing 250 – 300 sterile larvae.

The bio dressing “Medifly” is presented in two variants, “Medifly free range” containing 250 – 300 sterile maggot larvae and “Medifly Bagots” containing 200 – 250 sterile larvae in little bags specially used to treat deep cavity wounds.

Immense international interest for partnerships

“Medifly” has been a great success on the Sri Lankan market, having contributed to saving many limbs from amputation caused by sluff, gangrene and MRSA.

“We have now found an enthusiastic partnership in South Africa and we are in the process of establishing a ‘Centre for Excellence’ in wound care”, Shirantha Peries explains.

Since the solution substantially brings down the cost of wound care to the state and immediate family, the interest and inquiries are growing worldwide.

Considering the importance of the promotion and the penetration of the product as global alternative medical solution, the company is interested in partnering with foreign companies. Shirantha Peries concludes, “We realize that we have a ground breaking solution and we are on to something that is a game changer. Do not hesitate to reach out if you believe in helping mankind with natural solutions. We are happy to meet you and see how we can launch this product in your country”.


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