Founded in 2012, Luck One Enterprise and Property is a real estate company based in Lusaka, Zambia, whose main line of business is selling land parcels at affordable rates with flexible payment plans. The plots are sold with a clear title, with the company doing all the necessary paper work to process the contract of title for its customers. Besides land, this company provides other services including the import of genuine home and office furniture and high-quality construction materials.

Luck One Enterprise and Property offers houses at affordable rates, conveniently located in the proximity of local services and amenities. “With vast experience in the sector, this company guarantees to deliver the best options for your land and housing requirements”, Director John Njebe explains.

The company sells and rents land and buildings for commercial, industrial and investment purposes. Featuring a team of in-house experts in the commercial property market, Luck One offers its customers property that meets their business objectives.

Working with farming specialists, they specialise in the selling of land suited for agricultural production. Luck One Enterprise and Property also offers a wide selection of farm houses for sale or rent. Their team provides expert advice, recommending parcels which match the client’s production requirements.

“We are here to serve our people”, John Njebe says, adding that they are offering to consultancy services to potential partners who want to get involved in housing projects in Zambia. “We have a thorough understanding of the market, and we strive to become the first company in Zambia to build a low-cost housing village”, he points out.

Inspired by the unemployment problem of young people in his country, Luck One is trying to give them the possibility to work and have a house. The company has started a new project that empowers young job seekers that want to become home owners, by purchasing cars and hiring them as drivers. “The money they make partly goes into the payment of the house, and young people have both a home and a job”, John Njebe explains.

Working successfully with their Chinese partners, Luck One is looking to expand its business model to other parts of the world. Offering its advice to national authorities on how to create more opportunity for local entrepreneurs, John Njebe is proud that his company’s primary objective is to serve the parts of the population which are in dire need of housing and jobs. “As social responsibility projects grow, their impact casts a bright light on the entire economy and the future of the country”, he concludes.

Luck One Enterprise and Property
Plot No.1883/19A Paseli Road, Northmead, Lusaka
P.O. Box 34910, Lusaka
Tel.: +260 977 843 112
+260 965 843 112
[email protected]