Maruping Real Estate, founded in 2003, has grown rapidly and offers a full range of property services, from property valuations and sales to building inspections, property management, and advisory support for investors as well as individuals seeking information about real estate issues. Maruping Real Estate is currently managing more than fifteen apartment buildings in Gaborone, and the company recently began to provide project management of construction projects for future owners. Most of its clients are individuals seeking expert property advice and support.

Modiredi Maruping, who founded the company with his wife, Rebecca Maruping, is the president of Botswana’s Real Estate Institute, an association of professionals in the property sector. He is dedicated to upgrading Botswana’s property market and to informing local citizens about the importance of owning property, both for their own benefit and for Botswana’s successful development. He says, “We often participate in radio programs to teach fellow Batswana how to handle their real estate matters. In addition we offer consultancy support for future property investors. We welcome the chance to serve international clients.” Looking forward to continued strong growth for Maruping Real Estate, he concludes, “Maruping Real Estate focuses on serving its customers and our clients trust us and return to us.”

Maruping Real Estate Services Office

Suite 2F, African Mall, Gaborone (Lot 871/2/3/4)

(Located on top of Nandos)

P.O. Box 5083, Gaborone

Tel.: +267 390 2552

+267 716 79761

[email protected]