Babur Tolbaev, CEO
Babur Tolbaev, CEO

Mol Bulak Finance has grown from an initial capital of around €46,700 to reach over €23.5 million in equity and is now ranked Kyrgyzstan’s market leader in equity size.

Serving over 100,000 customers from 112 offices throughout the country, Mol Bulak Finance was established by Kyrgyz citizens for Kyrgyz citizens and is the preferred financial-services partner for a wide range of customers.

CEO Babur Tolbaev explains, “We have a loan portfolio of €43.9 million and provide credit services to groups as well as individuals. We always put our clients first, and our dynamic management team has many years of experience in Central Asia’s microfinance sector.” Mol Bulak has earned a stellar reputation for helping its customers develop sustainable, productive business ventures.

One of Mol Bulak’s successful projects is MBF-Farm, for which Mol Bulak created a special online programme that helps boost productivity, reduce costs and expand the company’s client base. Another success story is Mol Bulak Fashion Week, for the third time held in November 2012, to showcase Kyrgyz designers and to support Kyrgyzstan’s rapidly growing textile and fashion sectors. Babur Tolbaev concludes, “These are just two examples of programmes we run in order to ensure community development and to help spur on the growth of Kyrgyzstan’s high-potential economy. We are open for international investors to support us in achieving our mission.”

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