Beaver R. Tamesis, M.D. President and Managing Director of MSD
Beaver R. Tamesis, M.D. President and Managing Director of MSD

Global healthcare leader MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme) is committed to making a positive difference in the Philippines. Beaver R. Tamesis, M.D. President and Managing Director of MSD Philippines, explains, “At the end of the day, MSD genuinely works to improve the health of the Filipino people in partnership with the Department of Health and in support of Universal Health Care. We are always mindful of what will be relevant to Filipinos and our contribution to public health. My job is not just to make sure I hit our business targets, but also to make sure MSD helps the people of the Philippines be well by living healthier and more productive lives.”

MSD has established a reputation as a company that provides innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical sector. The company entered the market with a focus on cardiovascular treatments and vaccines. In addition, MSD was the first pharmaceutical company in the Philippines to provide healthcare research facilities for physicians. Dr. Tamesis notes, “In 1995 when we started this, Internet research was limited so we opened libraries both in and outside hospitals to provide scientific journals and resource materials. Other companies later copied MSD but we were the first.”

One of the biggest healthcare challenges the Philippines faces is in its MDG goal of reducing the rate of mothers dying during childbirth. . To help the country meet this challenge, MSD has introduced an innovative solution to help mothers space their births. The hormonal implant is effective for three years and offers a cost-effective alternative to the daily pill which is difficult for women to access particularly those living in rural areas. Another area where MSD contributes to public health is thru its portfolio of vaccines which prevent death and disease such as pneumonia, rotavirus, measles, mumps, rubella and cervical cancer and other hpv diseases.

Outstanding investment potential

Dr. Beaver Tamesis points out that the Philippines has already made great progress in improving its healthcare sector and that the country offers excellent investment potential. He says, “MSD Philippines has shown that it is certainly possible to be very successful here in the Philippines, while remaining ethical with strong values and integrity. The opportunities here are endless and the Philippines is a world-class place to do business. MSD’s success in the Philippines is a message to all the other big players out there that the Philippines is open and ready for investors.”

MSD has made a long-term commitment to making life better for the people of the Philippines. Dr. Tamesis says proudly, “A recent survey showed something staggering. Through MSD’s products and projects, including life-saving vaccines, each individual Merck employee saves 1,500 lives. Just think about that. If I am contributing to saving lives, I can sleep well at night.”

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