Municipality of Podujevo

Podujevo, in north-eastern Kosovo around 22 km north of Prishtina, is one of Kosovo’s largest communities. The municipality has established sustainable economic growth, a modern and efficient administrative system, and high-quality education, health and social services for its citizens. Podujevo aims to provide a very positive environment for business and welcomes foreign investors.

The municipality offers a strategic location and direct access to motorway and railway connections to Prishtina, other cities in Kosovo and beyond. Podujevo City is set at the centre of Llapi province, which covers some 635 sq km and has a population of over 100,000 made up of an Albanian majority with Roma, Ashkali and Serbian minorities, all of whom are working together peacefully to build a brighter future.

Young, trained workforce

One of Podujevo’s key draws for investors is its young, trained workforce. The municipality has 39 schools serving some 22,000 students, including secondary, vocational and technical institutions. Podujevo’s healthcare system is also well developed and includes a municipal family health centre and over 20 smaller clinics and healthcare institutions. All communities in the municipality have access to these healthcare facilities.

In addition to high-quality human resources, Podujevo offers extensive natural resources ready to be developed. Agriculture (including cattle-raising), food-processing and mining have particularly strong prospects. Podujevo has several companies producing bricks and metal parts, and the municipality’s trade sector is very well established. Podujevo now has 2,721 registered businesses (around 10% of them owned by women) with a total of some 4,081 employees; most of these companies are active in trade and services, with only around 7% involved in production. Podujevo welcomes the chance to support more production-oriented enterprises.

Natural beauty and historic landmarks

Podujevo municipality is also known for its varied topography and natural beauty, and the tourism sector has definite investment appeal. Lake Batlava, the Llapi Plain and the beautiful Karadak and Kosovo mountain ranges are all easily accessed from Podujevo City and would be ideal for ecotourism, spa and hotel projects. Podujevo also has many architectural monuments, including ancient mosques and churches. The municipality’s history dates back to the 6th century AD, when a fort in what is now Podujevo (then known as Besiana in Albanian) was restored by Byzantine emperor Justinian.

Podujevo faces a number of challenges, including high unemployment and the need for substantial infrastructure improvements, including in the road network since most of the municipality’s smaller roads are unpaved. Around 35 of Podujevo’s 75 villages have not yet been connected to modern water and sewer systems, and power service in outlying villages is unreliable, particularly in the winter. The municipality’s education, healthcare and social services also need to be expanded to meet growing demand. Local leaders hope to draw international investment and support to help the municipality solve these problems and build on Podujevo’s undeniable potential.

Municipality of Podujevo

Municipality of Podujevo
Zahir Pajaziti street
11000 Podujevo
Tel: +381 38 57 1227