Wide Range of Metalworking Capabilities in Cluj

Napomar has over 40 years of experience in the machine tools industry and a wide range of metalworking operations, including turning, milling, grinding, welding, assembly, shot blasting and painting. The company has completed a complex three-year investment programme and is currently operating modern CNC machining centres. The company is currently engaged in the following key manufacturing business lines: machine tools building, applications for power generation, and applications for marine launch & recovery systems.

To a large extent, the turnover of the company is based on long-term business relationships with customers from Germany, Spain, Holland, Austria and other European countries. The General Manager, Bogdan Mazilu, highlighted that the management team is currently focused on increasing efficiency.

He says, “We are working on reducing processing times, improving quality and enhancing our collaboration with our clients and partners. We are also focused on developing a highly skilled workforce of engineers and operators with a Can-Do-Will-Do mindset.”

Napomar Logo

Bd. Muncii, 14, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Tel.: +40 264 415 021