Nelpat’s Zambia Limited

Nelpat’s Zambia Limited, only in existence since 2009, is already well established in the market, boasting some of the top construction companies in the country as clients. With a specialization in cutting edge surveying equipment, Nelpat’s has found a niche in the Zambian market by providing technologically superior equipment from across the globe.

The firm has made a name for itself by an unwavering commitment to deliver top quality service. Amos Dube, Managing Director, explains, “The sale is the beginning of a relationship. Like a marriage, when we get involved with a client we plan to stay alongside them for the long haul.”

With an established client base spanning across both the public and private sectors, Nelpat’s Zambia Limited realizes that the key to sustainable growth is to ensure that not only is the right technology accessible to the market, but also that adequate training and after sales service are provided. Capacity building is critical, so the firm invests in training each of its customers in the proper use of the instruments.

Amos Dube, Managing Director
Amos Dube, Managing Director

Nelpat’s Zambia Limited has even provided free pre-purchase training to public sector organizations, such as the Ministry of Mines and the National Council for Construction with the aim of establishing themselves as a reliable partner to the government.

With a solid foundation of success and unbeatable payment terms so that a wide range of companies have access to top-of-the-line equipment, Nelpat’s Zambia Limited’s expertise will undoubtedly continue to play a role in Zambia’s development.