General Manager and owner, Kiril Lazarov
General Manager and owner, Kiril Lazarov

Nikob Security is carving out an innovative new future for security in Macedonia. Their newly acquired software and hardware technology will have the capacity to ‘count all the money in Macedonia within a day’, revealed General Manager and owner, Kiril Lazarov.

The company is preparing to build a cash centre for money counting and distribution, adding to its existing service offering of physical security, patrols, video monitoring, transport of money and installations and sales of high end security equipment. This 100% Macedonian owned business is working with the National Bank and a foreign partner on this pioneering project, which will be a new concept in the local market and create a completely automated process for counting money.

“This new system will increase effectiveness and competitiveness in the nation’s banks”, says Kiril Lazarov. “We want to improve the market and implement a system that will actually work and be suitable for companies and the market as well.”

The business already prides itself on its customised approach and cost-effective integrated security services. Nikob works with around 80% of Macedonia’s foreign investors, and is a leader in the market. This new system will only enhance their offering for companies coming to Macedonia: “We are ready and have everything clients might need in terms of security”, Kiril Lazarov emphasizes.

Nikob Security

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