Established in 2013, One Banja Limited specialises in processing, milling and supplying millet, cassava and pounded groundnut products for retail and wholesale. Additionally, the company repacks fine table salt, which together with its other products is found on the shelves of large chain stores and small supermarkets in Zambia. Nyamuka Zambia in recognition of the company’s track record in producing high quality processed foods awarded the company with the “Good Nutrition Prize” in 2015 for its millet meal product.

The company prides itself in preserving the quality of its original nutrients with no additives or chemical alterations. “Our primary goal is to provide people with fresh, tasty and healthy products,” Managing Director Nelson Mphande says.

The One Banja brand is known for its larger product weight compared with the competitors, giving customers more value for their money. The management’s plans include investing in new processing and packaging machines which would help them produce more in a shorter time-frame.

Seeking partners from abroad who would be interested in profiting from the growth of the company, Nelson Mphande reflects on the abundant business opportunities in Zambia. “Zambia is ready for partnerships; we are open to learning new techniques of farming, processing our products and exporting them. Zambia is stable, strategically located, and willing to do business at the international level,” he concludes.

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