Otium Holidays

Otium Holidays, one of Sri Lanka’s reputable travel agencies, is also renowned for the management, renting, selling and maintenance of 15 condominiums and apartments dispersed throughout the capital city of Colombo. Owner Sam Samaratunga explains, “We understand the real value that property has for its owners. Their worthy investments need to be protected, without the hassle of dealing with tenants or maintenance problems, in particular for customers that are not always in the country. We have an ideal solution- Otium Apartment Management.”

The company offers cleaning and maintenance, a wide variety of household repairs at very low rates and timely rent collection. The owners benefit from a carefree management of their property, including long-term lease, buying or selling, while the tenants, whether they are families, business travellers or tourists are content with the excellent living conditions, suited to their budget.

Otium Holidays are open to foreign investors who would support the growth of their business by buying large blocks of property which they would manage, thus meeting rising market demands. They also seek international travel agencies as partners in organising various tourist activities throughout Sri Lanka.

In a nutshell, Sam Samaratunga concludes, “Otium Holidays offers the best, cost-effective, all-around experience in Sri Lanka. Potential investors will benefit from a reliable partnership with us and profit from the substantial growth potential of the thriving market of Sri Lanka.”