As the leading supplier of high quality conveyor rollers, idlers and accessories, OVE Steel delivers superb products at competitive prices, designed to meet all of clients’ requirements. Partnering with world renowned manufactures, the company is recognizable for its quality engineered products, responsibility towards its customers, high level of professionalism, strict adherence to the international standards, innovative approach, and highly-skilled and experienced team. With over 30 years of experience and around 30 employees, Visar Banjica, co-owner of OVE Steel, has built an internationally renowned brand in the sector. The company’s main competitive advantages are the high quality products and affordable prices, as well as their commitment to technological innovation and the constant investments in research and development.

Currently OVE Steel produces carrying rollers, impact rollers and return rollers for conveyor belts, but has the equipment to produce other parts as well. The company brings together world class practices to deliver high quality and high speed balanced rollers, suitable for heavy mining practices with large tonnage, and high speed conveyors. Manufactured to accommodate required lengths and shaft diameters, carrying rollers are built to the same standard as troughing sets and are particularly suited to conveyors that operate in very difficult conditions. Impact rollers are utilized to minimize impacts by applying a rubber attachment on the outer shell of the roller. Return rollers play a very important part in maintaining the required tension levels in the conveyor chain and also extending its wear life by providing a smooth and free flowing passage to the chain on the return path. OVE Steel offers a range of thermal, strength and process modelling services which work to perfect the roller design, thus producing long life rollers which outlast conventional idler rollers in harsh conditions and which are also suitable for the transport of corrosive material. They also repair rollers and can custom design the specifics of the rollers according to the client’s request. OVE Steel rollers are also manufactured in an extra low weight version, which is predominantly used for long trough and return idler rollers. With this technology, single roll return rollers that normally weigh 50 kg can now be manufactured with a mass of no more than 21 kg, which is achieved by using a hollow shaft design. These are mainly used on facilities where accessibility is restricted and the personnel need a light product to prevent injury. “We are proud of the innovative developments of the idler roller, which directly address the inherent problems associated with conventional idler rollers, and provides an environment, personnel, and equipment friendly roller with low noise emissions, ease of handling, and low vibration, coupled with an extremely long service life”, Visar Banjica says and adds that their rollers are the right choice for operations interested in reducing the total cost of ownership through extended service life and reduced change-out schedules.

From controlling the incoming material reception to the final computerized quality checks on the finished product, OVE Steel’s strict control of the entire manufacturing process ensure maximum care and guaranteed customers’ satisfaction. Their products are manufactured with excellent quality materials and the final product is certified, according to European regulations and certificates of guarantee of quality OHSAS 18001:2007, EN ISO 9001-2008 and EN ISO 14001:2004.

Currently OVE Steel exports only to Kosovo, on average about 20 000 rollers annually. Exporting to Kosovo since 2012, their main client for the past five years has been KEK, the electrical industry in Kosovo and all the mines they manage. “The products we make are used by companies that are state-owned, which is why we collaborate mostly with governmental institutions. We would like to expand our services to the private sector as well”, Visar Banjica emphasizes.

“We also like to distribute in Macedonia, but at the moment the mines in Macedonia are transporting the ore using trucks instead of conveyor belts, which I hope will change in the future”, Visar Banjica points out and highlights that they are planning to expand the number of products to include fireplaces for wood pellets and other products from the metallurgy sector and export them to the European markets. “I feel that the domestic and foreign investors should receive the same government treatment. If domestic investors receive the same treatment as foreign investors, we can do much more”, he adds.

OVE Steel is adhering to their mission for develop strategic partnership to improve performance and reduce costs. “Our global net-work gives us access to state-of-the-art technologies, manufacturing processes and design capabilities available, which enables us to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers”, Visar Banjica concludes.

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