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Established in 2000, Pacific Asia Hi-Tech Construction Co. Ltd truly embodies the innovative, progressive and high-tech spirit of the new millennium. Guaranteeing “Premium Service and Premium Quality” in the construction of residential, religious industrial and other types of buildings, the company holds a significant market share and is constantly expanding its expertise in areas such as waste management, infrastructure and water solutions. With annual revenue of US$2 million, PAHC provides sophisticated architectural design and significant quality control, thus ensuring client satisfaction. “We have a proven track record of success and we are able to deliver highly complex projects on time and with the outmost quality”, Zaw Naing Win, Managing Director, emphasizes.

PAHC’s team of senior architects, experience-engineers, skilled technicians and well performing contractors is open to share their expertise and knowledge with interested parties looking for a reliable and transparent partner. The company continuously invests in the education, training and expansion of its staff, which currently numbers over 500 employees.

With a vast clientele ranging from corporate clients to the public sector and international organizations, PAHC already completed ground-breaking projects in Myanmar, including special economic zones, museums, educational and health facilities. “Myanmar’s industrial sector is booming due to Korean, Japanese and other ASEAN investors, which provided an opportunity for us to extend our portfolio and expertise as an industrial construction service provider”, Zaw Naing Win says, adding that PAHC is ready to enter into prolific joint ventures with interested parties and to develop solutions in the sphere of architecture, structure and mechanical engineering. With innovative strategies and uncompromising spirit, the company’s management plans to expand their one-stop-shop construction solutions to the international arena. “We have the experience, the knowledge and we always delivered on our promises”, Zaw Naing Win concludes.

Pacific Asia Logo

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