Glide (Pvt) Ltd is a company specialized in providing consultancy services to the clients who want to have better utilization of energy resources. “Energy conservation is becoming a topic of paramount importance in Sri Lanka. Since it is relatively a new concept here, we have to make them aware of the benefits especially of the cost saving in adopting energy conservation measures. A good advice earns itself back”, Managing Director Peter Rezel points out.

Glide provides services to every company that is planning to have proper Energy Management System (EnMS) in place, along with / without renewable energy. “There are many choices which depend on many factors:the location of your factory, the management commitment to make financial investments, the capacityof your resources. We can make an initial study of what improvements you could make to your energy usesand what works best for you, with the due consideration on return on investment (ROI)”, Peter Rezel says.

The Managing Director emphasizes “An important element you need to take into consideration is how it would affect your bottom line, since some of the implementations could result in a considerable amount of downtime in operations and returns on some of the green energy formats are of an intermittent nature. Then the next variable is the quality of the installation, such as which manufacturers to use and what are guaranties are available. Furthermore, another element that you need to take into consideration is the maintenance of the installation, as well as the training of local staff on how to use that equipment.”

Referring to the added value that the company offers, Peter Rezel says, “Every company into energy efficiency implementations will tell you they have the best solution. That is human nature. They have to sell their equipment, and you can’t blame them. We as an independent company can compare all the offers of the different suppliers and provide advice on what will work best for the client’s needs. Because our analyses are so thorough,it helps you making the right decision. If you make an investment that will last 20 years, and you do not compare all the offers, you are probably going to pay millions too much, which could be saved and invested in your product. To hire an independent middle person is the only way to make the right decision”.

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“Our message to companies operating in Sri Lanka is that they need to think about energy conservation, because it helps reduce manufacturing costs. We are very happy to be your partner in the difficult processes of finding the right solution. Our specialized engineers along with our training programmes will help you and guide you through the whole process. Before making a decision feel free to contact us for a free consultation”, Peter Rezel concludes.

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