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Predistic Ltd. stands for highly-professional and flexible software development services delivered to well-known local and international clients. Established in 2011 in Sofia, the company rose up from a skilled team possessing more than 20 years of experience in the software development industry. Pavlina Dimitrova, Managing Partner, points out, Our specialists have strong knowledge of up-to-date software instruments: modelling, design, programming and test tools, cloud-native services, and use them for creating embedded applications, scalable and fault-tolerant distributed systems”. She adds, The success of our business model is based on the trust we earn with our professionalism, respect to all parties involved and responsibility for our work results”.

Predistic’s core business is software for postal automation, logistics, infrastructure and the automotive sector. Pavlina Dimitrova explains, “We use a model for long-lasting partnership with our clients which proved to be effective and successful for all parties. We have been developing software for Siemens Postal, Parcel and airport logistics GmbH and for Continental Automotive GmbH since the company’s establishment”. Related to the company’s proficiency and further developments steps, she notes, “We build and maintain the knowledge and competence needed by our clients by creating dedicated teams for every key client. This helps us serve successfully the constantly changing demands for high quality software services on the market”.

The company is currently exploring new areas working on prototypes of environment monitoring systems for air and noise pollution and is open for cooperation with the best knowledgeable and experienced partners in the area. Pavlina Dimitrova concludes, “If you are looking for a reliable partner, very professional and very dedicated, you should choose our company”.

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Predistic Ltd.
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