Established in 1988, R Mposhi Enterprises is a renowned Lusaka-based company specialised in the construction of major infrastructural objects such as schools and hospitals, in addition to individual housing objects. Their services also extend to general repairs and renovations, refurbishing, drainages and electrical fittings.

Their largest customers include the Ministries of Justice, Transport and Communication, Health and Lands, Community Development and Lusaka’s City Council.

We are eager to grow as a company, expanding towards the international market, which will enable us to join forces with the private sector and have most of our projects financed before execution. A silent partner would be ideal, as this would give the company an international image, boosting the enterprise’s growth and competitiveness”, Felix Funga, the company’s Chairman says, adding that with the rate of referrals which keep bringing new clients, their profits are expected to double within the next three years.

R Mposhi Enterprises take particular pride in the fact that their work is contributing to the local economy. The company employs local personnel whom they continuously train, building new and renovating existing public infrastructure to improve communal life.

A large part of the current Zambian growth is based on the construction sector. In addition, the country has readily available land to be tapped and explored in areas like mining, tourism and agriculture. “We have a stable government, hardworking people and a favourable business climate. Investors coming to our country can be assured that our company is ready to offer its expertise, honesty, integrity and high-quality work”, Felix Funga concludes.

R Mposhi Enterprises
21st Floor room 11, Findeco House, Lusaka
Tel.: +260 977 889 289