Established in 2004, the Red Horse Dairy Industries, which operates under the brand PEP, is Myanmar’s renowned producer of milk powder and dairy products. This local producer offers a wide portfolio of products such as the Full Cream Milk Powder, the Low Fat Skim Milk Powder, the Omega 3 Plus, the Solidified Milk, the Milk Candy, the UHT and Sterilized Milk, the PEP’s Ice Cream, and evaporated milk.

Putting clients need for quality products at fair prices on a pedestal has proven to be a successful strategy, leading the company to continuous development and an annual turnover of US$12 million in 2016. Owner Tun Tun, points out, “Our business is focused on the people. We distribute the milk to the most remote areas of the country and make sure it arrives, even if we have less profit”. The company has invested in a cow farm worth US$3 million, importing machinery for liquid milk from Thailand and ingredients from New Zealand.

Red Horse Dairy Industries is interested in further extension of the cooperation with EU companies, relying on the quality of the equipment and the technical knowledge they provide. Tun Tun concludes, “We are changed, we are different now. Most of the businessmen abroad don’t know about Myanmar, they come here and they are surprised. The Government is helping the industry; we can partner with the European companies and they can help boost our country’s development”.

Red Horse Industrial Group

Red Horse Dairy Industries
No. 927/944, Shukhin Thar Myo Patt Rd.,
Corner of Myoma 10th St., Ward (4-North)
Thaketa Township, Yangon
+95 1 541 124
[email protected]