Located in the capital city of Gaborone, Reliable Produce & Provision (pty) Ltd is the number one choice for customers who are looking for fresh quality herbs, spices and beans. “We offer a variety of products including some exotic herbs and spices which some people haven’t even heard of”, Mohamed Daya, owner, emphasizes. Besides herbs, spices and beans, the store also offers healthy foods and occasionally introduces other lines of products in order to fit customers’ needs.

The family business, which was established in 1983 by his parents, is now operated by Mohamed Daya and his sister. “Our priority is to offer superb quality products at affordable prices” the owner points out.

Currently operating one store with 20 employees in Botswana’s capital, Mohamed Daya is aiming to become an internationally recognized brand. “Our intention is to expand and gain both local and international recognisability. Customers that come for the first time say “where have you been all this time”. They are immediately amazed by our fresh and high quality products and many become our regular customers”, he says and adds that his objective is to expand to other towns in Botswana, as well as in some neighbouring countries.

Firmly believing that Botswana has the potential to become an exporting country, Mohamed Daya emphasizes the need of foreign investments. “I would like to connect with potential investors who would be interested in investing in my company and expanding the business to the larger markets of other African countries, such as South Africa and Zambia. With our high quality products and joint effort and aspirations, we can definitely achieve success”, he points out.

With a vision that goes beyond his own business, Mohamed Daya hopes that foreign investors would bring growth for many local companies and businesses in Botswana. “The government should focus on providing support and incentives for foreign investors who could actually help the local businesses, which would be beneficial not only for them, but also for Botswana’s economy in general”, he concludes.