Rhapsody’s Restaurant

Starting with the passion for food

Rhapsody’s Restaurant, situated at Airport Junction Mall, is the product of Paul Champane’s passion to open a restaurant, after graduating from the University of Miami, Florida. Having just opened three years ago, Rhapsody’s is quickly becoming the safe alternative to hotel restaurants, by offering luxury amenities to its guests.

Indeed, Paul Champane, owner of the South African franchise, was able to witness the city’s turn of events and foresee the need to cater to an upper-class clientele, right in the centre of Gaborone. Paul says, “I want to change the definition of fine dinning and offer a diversification of the places where you can find it.”

Offering a varied and on-point menu

Today, Rhapsody’s aims to cater to business and corporate clients, considering the growing demand for luxury services in Botswana. Always looking to please its customers, Paul Champane and Rhapsody’s are focusing on an entirely new Lunch Menu, aimed at offering the highest quality of dishes, however remaining in between the corporate lunch hours.

Moreover, even though it’s a South African franchise, Rhapsody’s aims to support local economy by sourcing its ingredients in the country. On top of that, each and every meal is cooked from scratch, therefore placing taste and quality forward.

The most popular dishes at Rhapsody’s are the mushroom rump steak, the chicken espetada and various exquisite sushi dishes, made in the utmost tradition by using Scottish salmon, instead of Norwegian. However, Paul Champane points out that “Rhapsody’s caters to all tastes, all sorts of people. There will be something on the menu to please each person coming at Rhapsody’s – this is the image that I want to carry and portray.”

Catering for the Diamond City Hub

Considering the growing demand for high-end restaurants, Rhapsody’s is now levelling to European standards and is looking to cater ever more towards a corporate clientele. Paul Champane states, “We are willing and able to cater for these international clients and business people alike. We provide the best ambiance, dining and drinks experience in Gaborone.”

Having a combination of excellent food and ambiance at Rhapsody’s, Paul Champane is proud to say that the restaurant now offers “the best of both worlds”. He concludes, “This is businessmen and women come in and meet people in the same circles and are able to mingle.”

Rhapsody’s Restaurant

Rhapsody’s Restaurant

Shop N°45, Airport Junction Mall, Gaborone

Tel.: +267 71 328 623

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