Rhapsody’s Café and Wine Bar

Rhapsody’s Café and Wine Bar is a franchise Restaurant in Lusaka. It is the winner of the PMR “Diamond Arrow” award for the best executive restaurant in Zambia for the past 6 years – Rhapsody’s is a true local success story. The modern, elegant restaurant attracts both locals and international travelers alike. Conveniently located near many of the city’s international hotels, including the Radisson, and not far from the international airport, Rhapsody’s has won a loyal following for its exceptional food, attentive service and lively atmosphere.

Nick and Roula Lostrom are the founders and owners of Rhapsody’s in Lusaka. Nick explains, “We offer a whole range of specialities and unique dishes, simple but nicely presented. The restaurant also has a very nice vibe, especially at night.” Rhapsody’s in Zambia has three distinct areas, each with its own feel – perfect for different dining and entertainment experiences so that guests can host their own types of special events.

A challenge for Rhapsody’s in Zambia was to find top-quality personnel, so Nick Lostrom, who runs the restaurant with his wife, has focused strongly on staff training. He says, “Zambians are lovely, warm people and they are willing to learn, but teaching them to apply what they have learned takes effort. That is what we are here for. We have training sessions with our staff on a daily basis coaching them on them how to provide world-class service.”

Co-founding a private school as community service

As part of his commitment to giving back to Zambia, Nick also helped to found a school there. He says, “It is a community private school for all grades starting with pre primary and ending at A levels. It is also a Cambridge Academy school. Fees are high in the Zambian context but you get what you pay for and we have excellent teachers and staff. It is also a non-profit school. All profits are re-invested in the school itself.”

Nick Lostrom urges international investors to take a close look at opportunities in Zambia. He says, “The local agriculture sector has huge potential. Zimbabwe used to export agricultural products all over the world until the upheaval there, and many of those farmers moved to Zambia. There is vast fertile land here along with plenty of water and exceptional growth prospects.” He adds that Zambia’s tourism sector is also ready to take off. He concludes, “It is important for all of Zambia’s business people to communicate a positive message about this country to the outside world.”

Rhapsody’s Café and Wine Bar
Rhapsody’s Lusaka

Rhapsody’s Lusaka
Arcade Shopping Centre, Shop 41
Tel: +260 2 11256 705
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