Mikalaj Yerokhau, Chairman of the Board.
Mikalaj Yerokhau, Chairman of the Board.

Riga Electric Machine Building Works (RER), established in 1946 and privatised in the 1990s, is building on its long history of manufacturing expertise to expand in EU and international markets. The company specialises in producing traction equipment for electrical trains, light railways and forklifts as well as lighting and power-supply equipment for passenger coaches. As part of its expansion drive, RER recently purchased Lat-Trans Komplekt and 98.5% of the shares of JSC Latvo.

Around 99% of RER’s products are exported, mainly to Russia, but RER now aims to boost its presence in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Germany and the UK as well. “We plan to continue to diversify our project portfolio, supply network and markets, and we are investing in new procedures and training to help us meet all EU and international standards. In June 2013 we will receive EU certification for our welding,” explains Mikalaj Yerokhau, Chairman of the Board.

RER’s clients include manufacturers of trains, passenger cars for trains and underground systems as well as companies producing railway equipment. Mikalaj Yerokhau says, “RER has a very experienced team which can provide complex services. Thanks to our long experience and extensive market knowledge, we can offer top-quality products at very competitive prices.”

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