Rising White Tiger

Established in 2013, Rising White Tiger Manufacturing specialises in producing garments, including jackets, cargo pants, and knitwear such as T-shirts and polo shirts.

The company established its local brand in Myanmar called Oslo, which has been sold to the domestic market since 2007. Currently, the largest exports of the company go to Russia, the UK and other countries in the European Union.

Rising White Tiger now targets the midrange market segments while it is planning to work on high-end fashion wear soon. The buyers provide all of the raw materials, and 350 trained employees produce their stylish garments in a compound of 60.000 sq feet which includes two main factory buildings, cutting building, warehouse and security guard house. The superb machinery, mostly from the brand “Juki and Brother” from Japan is used to manufacture 20.000 to 30.000 pieces per month.

Rising White Tiger Group

Our Quality Control (QC) team is composed of 15 employees, and strict quality measures are performed in all of the stages starting from the arrival of textiles and cutting, through reaching the sewing tables to final QC work,” Manager Sai Maungsays. Planning to double the production facilities of the company and the number of employees, Rising White Tiger is actively seeking foreign partnerships. “We invite foreign investments not only because of the fresh capital needed for growth but also for the technology and know-how they would bring,” Sai Maung concludes.

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Rising White Tiger Manufacturing Co. Ltd
160 Mingyi Mahar Min Gaung Street, Shwe Lin Ban Industrial Zone, Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangon
Tel.: +951 613532