Over the past decade of its successful business operations, Simsurvey Mapping Consultants has been Zambia’s favourite company of choice for construction and survey services. Currently employing 26 experts on a full-time basis, the company’s clients have predominately been government agencies and city councils, with a growing share of private customers in recent years. Their international footprint of clients goes as far as the United States, Europe and Asia.

One of our first and biggest projects was surveying locations for the entire network of cell towers in Zambia. Our second largest operation included pole alignments for the Rural Electrification Authority projects. Currently, we are proud to be responsible for helping our esteemed customers to acquire various properties, surveying and facilitating all documentation needed to proceed title deeds. We have also played a major role in surveying and preparation of sites for the majority of the toll gates being developed by the Road Development Agency”, Managing Director David Mbale emphasizes.

Simsurvey Mapping Consultants has skilfully implemented other massive projects such as the surveying of 10.000 properties in different areas in Chisamba, Kalumbila town and Kafue. Its professional teams have done paving and earthworks in the famous Twangale Park, as well as building and renovation of residential houses.

Actively working on expanding their services, the company has plans to acquire land and divide it into sub-sectors for agriculture and residential purposes, which would be given under lease. The implementation of their growth strategy welcomes the participation and partnership of regional and global companies.

“In a bid for company growth, we intend to include more professional disciplines so as to improve diversity in the company, thereby being able to tackle more of our clients’ challenges”, company projects engineer says.

As an economy, we are working to overcome the challenges posed by the insufficient availability of capital. We are eager to match fresh investments with the skills and expertise which are readily available in the country. Our company welcomes foreign investors who will discover Zambia as an exciting living and business environment”, David Mbale concludes.

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