Sumith Premaratne, Chairman of Slim Pharmaceuticals
Sumith Premaratne, Chairman of Slim Pharmaceuticals

Slim Pharmaceuticals is a synonym for innovative and cost-effective distribution of healthcare products, high quality services and solutions on the Sri Lanka’s market. Established in 2011, the company is emerging as the youngest, most dynamic and fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the country.

Chairman Sumith Premaratne emphasizes, “We are cooperating with established international companies that are reliable and provide the best know-how. We offer affordable and high quality pharmaceutical products, including generic medicines, surgical and medical instruments, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals”. The company is closely collaborating with partners from worldwide, including Biosidus S.A Argentina, Cinna Genilac, World Medicines Turkey, Probiotic International UK, Laboratorio Rubio S.A Spain, Troikka Pharmaceuticals, Shilpa Meidcare, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Olive Healthcare, Theon Pharmaceuticals, Nitin Lifesciences, Admac Life Sciences, J.Duncan Healthcare from India, Shenzhen Techdow Pharmaceuticals, Yichan Humanwell Pharmaceuticals from China, the Pakistani Medisure Laboratories, Medizan Laboratories, and the Philippine Lloyd Laboratories. “We fulfil our mission by setting the highest standards in service, reliability and safety in the industry”, he adds.

Providing wide range of products for Sri Lanka’s public and private sector

“In the last 10 years, we have cooperated with over 70 agencies and introduced over 700 products on the Sri Lanka’s market, through his two companies, Sumith Premaratne points out. The company provides distribution of pharmaceutical products including Biotechnology Bio similar products, medical devices and consumables.

Sumith Premaratne explains, “Our initial intention was to cater the Government sector. With the recent introduction of the country’s new health policy we decided to keep our strong relationship with the public sector and to diversify our activities in the private sector”. He adds, “My objective for the next five years is to get into the top 10 pharmaceutical importers in Sri Lanka”. The company focuses its long-term sustainability strategy on creating motivated professionals that offer excellence in service and set new benchmarks.

Conquering the market of biotechnology products

Using an innovative approach, Slim Pharmaceuticals is actively working on the creation of strong partnerships with the European biotech companies. Sumith Premaratne highlights, “The company is rapidly expanding in the field of biotechnology products. We are looking for partners and potential international investors interested in a joint venture and establishment of a manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka”.

Highlighting Sri Lanka’s investment potential in this sector, Sumith Premaratne concludes, “The European companies are not familiar with the specifics of the health sector in our country. There is an existing misbelieve that the prices are very low due to the import of cheap products manufactured in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They consider that it is not profitable to place the European products on this market. The country offers many investment and business opportunities considering that there is no import tax for the pharmaceutical products”.

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