At its core, EML Consultants thrives on providing a blend of technical and management professional services. Whilst the primary focus has always been on environment and natural resource management, EML has evolved over the past 20 years to become a leading professional consulting firm in the sphere of community and livelihood development, socio-economic surveys, monitoring and evaluation, institutional and SMEs development, feasibility and environmental assessments, climate change, biodiversity and eco-systems, conceptual and detailed designs, heritage and culture, infrastructure projects related to renewable energy, water supply, waste disposal, roads, transport and coastal management. Whilst this strategic diversification into multi-disciplines demonstrates the strength, resilience and growth of the company it also reflects the business adhering to a core competency- consideration to changing country dynamics. Avanthi Jayatilake, Managing Director, explains, “The Company excels in the implementation of the Project Management Cycle, providing a coordinating mechanism between the country’s policies, resources and institutions in different fields and areas”.

Nurturing success through novelty

EML Consultants

Since inception EML Consultants stayed ahead of the game by realizing that sustainability is more than a buzz word; it is the difference between existence and elimination. The work EML has performed for the public sector, private organizations and in the international arena is testament to its cause.

“Our competitive advantage is the professionalism, the long lasting specialized experience and the reputation that we have in the sector. We offer an extensive expertise and our clients will receive complete service from one place”, Avanthi Jayatilake points out. The company is aware that over promising and under delivering is a key driver for many consulting companies to close shop. Which is why EML Consultants work hand in glove with the client in understanding their thought process, their needs, their scheduling and their objectives to collectively reflect when, how and what can be achieved and delivered by EML. Ultimately ensuring the overall experience goes beyond the client’s expectation.

To deliver a timely, factually accurate and evidently compelling piece of work, EML prides itself on a wide range of profiled staff including over 200 technical experts with varying academic backgrounds, and over 100 employees responsible for the management of the project portfolio. Avanthi Jayatilakegoes on to say, “EML hasimplemented over 300 projects, covering a large number of sectors funded by the major international donor agencies, including ADB, World Bank, UNDP, UNFCC, UNICEF, UN HABITAT, USAID, JICA, CIDA and GIZ”.

Formidable force to reckon with

EML Consultants

EML is a member of the National Chamber of Commerce, and a registered specialized technical service provider to the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), the Board of Investments (BOI) and several other government agencies. Avanthi Jayatilake explains, “We have done a landmark achievement for the Government, creating the primary environmental projects, used as a base for the establishment of the policy strategies and the environmental platform of Sri Lanka”. EML constantly collaborates with local and international banks in the implementation of standards required to receive loans from the European countries.

With an aim to provide a more effective resource allocation, and to further improve the quality of the service, the company has established strong working alliances with four associated firms, including the Development Concepts, the International Institute of Development Training, the Sustainable Engineering Concepts and the Sustainability Agenda-each one of them excelling in their specializations.

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