Established in 2013 in Lusaka, Zambia, Steps Trading and Construction LTD specializes in a wide range of construction works, including reconstruction, electrical works, plumbing and sewage. Stephen Sikazwe, Managing Director, points out, “We are a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals that exerts high quality delivery service for our clients. Our key priority is to deliver the projects in timely manner”.

The company’s main clients are the Government and the country’s NGOs. Stephen Sikazwe highlights, “We have done several projects for NGOs, such as the Society for Family Health, the Agriculture Show Society and the Handmade Sisters, ensuring good and professional relationship”. Some of the company’s largest projects include the construction of schools, staff houses and sewerage networks.

Discussing future plans, Stephen Sikazwe explains, “We are aiming to be the major regional player in the next five years”. The company is interested in deepening the collaboration with Zambia’s major water companies and has the full aptitude to cooperate with international investors from the European Union and the UK. By further developing its international partnerships, the company is increasing its competitive advantages, gaining in reputation, know-how and technology transfer. Stephen Sikazwe concludes, “Zambia has surpassed its image as a land locked country and has grown into a land linked country, becoming part of COMESA and SADC. The vast majority of people are well educated and have great entrepreneurial spirit. We are ready to welcome everyone who is willing to work or invest in Zambia”.

Steps Trading and Construction LTD
P.O. Box 32740, Lusaka
Tel.: +260 977 750 101
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