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Teamnet, which celebrates 15 years of activity in 2016, demonstrates the potential of Romanian entrepreneurship. The company has steadily grown to become a leading system integrator in Romania with an expanding presence throughout Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Teamnet’s key competencies are in Robotics, Cloud, Emergency Management Systems, Engineering and IT managed services.

Supported by prestigious strategic investors, including International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group Member, and the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, Teamnet achieved over €110 million in revenues in 2015, up from €93 million the previous year. Teamnet currently has six offices in Romania and five offices abroad. Bogdan Padiu, CEO, explains that Teamnet continues to grow internationally and will expand its presence in the EU, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia over the coming five years. He says, “We will open new offices in Dubai and Ankara this year, and we plan for 50% of our revenues to come from our international activities by 2020.”

Teamnet’s vision is to develop new technologies which will make people’s lives better. As Bogdan Padiu puts it, “Technology inspires us to evolve and brings innovation to all aspects of our lives. We depend on technology for everything we do; this is why technology is no longer a concept that refers exclusively to the IT sector, but a reality for all industries all over the world. At Teamnet, we believe that technology is one of the most important pillars supporting the evolution of society.”

Teamnet is a complex group that includes various divisions: Teamnet (systems integrator), Teamnet Dedalus (healthcare systems), Teamnet Engineering, Ymens (Cloud solutions), and Teamnet IT Operations (Managed Services).

€10 million investments in R&D in 2016

In its commitment to innovation, Teamnet has been involved in major EU R&D projects and will continue to focus on research and development to remain at the cutting edge of its field. In fact, Teamnet has a solid investment plan in place to target €10 million for innovation in 2016 alone.

Teamnet has started investing in R&D over 10 years ago and specialized in different innovation fields from natural language processing, big data and computer vision to robotics, internet of things and ambient assisted living. Currently, the group excels on four main R&D directions: Robotics, Cloud, Internet of Things and Smart Cities.
Teamnet is part of consortiums in several R&D European projects such as NEXES, HEREiAM, MITSU, StayActive, Fit4Work, Megarob or eCall.

Thanks to its unique portfolio of cutting-edge products, its skilled team with expertise in many fields, and its strong track record at successfully implementing projects at the local and international levels, Teamnet has built up strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Airbus, Orange, Cisco, NEC, Esri and many others.

Enhancing public safety in emergency situations

Teamnet Group

Teamnet Group’s resources and expertise in public safety in Central Eastern Europe, the use of the latest technologies and the background on implementing complex projects in emergency & crisis management have made possible the development of an integrated software suite dedicated to emergency agencies. Teamnet’s Emergency & Crisis Management Suite is truly universal and fuels a faster decisional process, increases the response time and decreases the recovery from crisis situation, ultimately saving more lives through a better coordination. The suite is adaptable to the needs and size of any emergency response agency and can be implemented at county, national, regional level or even worldwide. It is currently implemented in 16 national and regional agencies, used by more than 1,500 operators to manage emergency situations, serving thus more than 26 million people in Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria. Moreover, Romania’s 112 service, powered by Teamnet, is one the top five European countries regarding reaction time and localization accuracy.

Central or regional emergency management agencies, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services and rescue units can ensure safety and protection of more lives with the help of this innovative solution. The suite covers all four phases of emergency management, from mitigation and preparedness to response and recovery actions taken to return to a normal or an even safer situation following an emergency.

The suite consists in three core products, EmerGIS, EmerCONF and EmerSIM and nine product extensions which can function independently or integrated with other Teamnet products, and even with other third party products.
What makes this software suite efficient is the use of innovative integrated technologies. UAV systems, Face Recognition, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, eCall, EWS (Early Warning Systems), Mobile Command and Control Centers, Mobile Apps are just some of the new technologies integrated by Teamnet in order to deliver a complete emergency and crisis management solution to help authorities save lives.

Teamnet is participating in the NEXES (Next – Generation Emergency System) R&D project to create a universal emergency-situations management system.

Changing people’s lives through UAVs

Hirrus, Teamnet’s UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) system, is one of the most competitive products in the region, with a major impact in terms of increasing productivity, saving costs and even lives.
Bogdan Padiu explains, “Our expertise in UAV technology is demonstrated by the Hirrus system, already being used in several countries in the region and making a real difference through its extensive applicability in various industries, such as agriculture, emergency response, cadastre, border surveillance, critical infrastructure monitoring or real estate.”

Hirrus is also an essential extension of Teamnet’s emergency solution, integrated within the suite. It offers accurate real-time data from the air, helping public safety authorities to better prepare and respond to emergencies and even reduce the impact of future emergencies.
Teamnet is now building the first robotics plant in Central and Eastern Europe, planned to be launched in the autumn of 2016. Bogdan Padiu explains, “This centre brings together a cross-knowledge team specialised in engineering, UAVs and GIS, in our pursuit to revolutionise the field of robotics.”

Last year, Teamnet became the first Romanian company to export UAV technology to regional countries when it implemented an integrated UAV and GIS system in Serbia to manage natural disasters on Serbia’s Romanian border.

Building a regional hub of partnerships

Teamnet has expanded organically to achieve sustainable growth. Bogdan Padiu explains, “On the technical side, we started the company with one of the best-qualified teams in Romania, and then we invested in the quality of our management. Now our team is not only innovative, but also very well prepared to make sure Teamnet maintains very high standards at professional level.”

Aiming to consolidate a regional hub of partners on diverse competences, Bogdan Padiu concludes: “We are always open to discuss investment proposals and partnerships.”

Teamnet is part of the European “ELITE” Programme, initiated by London Stock Exchange Group, and plans to list on a stock exchange in the future.


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