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Founded in 2013 by private entrepreneurs, Techmasters Zambia Limited is known for superior, internationally certified ICT products and services which are professionally delivered by highly trained staff.

Recognising that “clean power” is one of the key areas in networking, the company is a leader in the Zambian market in providing Uninterruptable Power Source (UPS) supplies, installation, maintenance and repairs. “Many companies have lost data due to poor planning of clean power on their networks. Our devices can eliminate the costs of data recovery and loss of equipment due to severe power surges” says Chrispine Mweemba, Managing Director.


He adds that their major clients are banks and large mining companies. “We want to grow with them, so even as we introduce new services, we ensure that our customers are involved. One of our foremost priorities for the next period is to start manufacturing some of our products that we are importing from neighbouring countries such as South Africa”, Chrispine Mweemba points out. With a vision firmly anchored in the future, the company is planning to set up a solar plant, ensuring sustainable growth and demonstrating care for the environment. The Managing Director explains that “international partnerships to implement these ambitious plans are welcomed”.

The company’s vision for growth is propelled by the political stability and the rate of economic development of Zambia. “We are surrounded by eight neighbouring countries, giving us the potential to be a regional business hub. I invite investors to come and use the business opportunities we have to offer,” Chrispine Mweemba concludes.

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Techmasters Zambia Limited
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