The Geological Institute of Romania

The Geological Institute of Romania (IGR) is the country’s official authority on all issues related to geology, including Romania’s minerals deposits. Dr. Gabriel Bindea, General Director, explains that the institute’s most important current project is to complete a geological map of the entire country. He says, “An in-depth geological map can identify the locations of a country’s mineral deposits, so our map will help Romanian and international investors make the best use of the country’s minerals resources. The map can also help avoid mistakes. Projects which are developed without taking geological factors into account often fail, for example when roads or other facilities are built in a way that does not adapt to local geology.”

The institute has been involved in a wide range of projects in Romania and abroad, from a geological study of the Jiu valley for Hidroconstructia to support for companies in Morocco. Dr. Gabriel Bindea points out, “We have provided our services to companies in the oil and gas, road construction, water, energy and many other sectors. We have completed detailed geological maps of specific areas which customers can purchase for around €40 each.” The Geological Institute of Romania is ready to help international investors make their projects a success.

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Geological Institute of Romania
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