Auto Firm’s Mindset Makes it a Leader


“Toyota Balkans’ leadership status is not an achievement, it is a mindset,” says Velko Lazov, Managing Director of Toyota Balkans. He explains, “As a market leader, we are very proactive in anything we do.”

Toyota Balkans has grown since 1996 to achieve a 10.5% market share in Bulgaria, one of the biggest market shares among Toyota/Lexus operations in Europe. Toyota Balkans represents Toyota/Lexus in

Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. Velko Lazov handles distribution & retail sales in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania.

Toyota Balkans is known for its corporate citizenship and for its ecologically friendly practices. In Bulgaria, the company sponsors a tree planting initiative, ‘green’ driving practices and the ‘green mindset thinking’ program, among others. “The British Ambassador to Bulgaria chose a Toyota Prius hybrid as his official car,” says Velko Lazov proudly. He adds, “Toyota is also one of the safest cars in the world.”

Toyota is a major fleet player in Bulgaria. Several Bulgarian government officials and a number of major local companies have chosen their fleets from the Toyota models, among which Vivacom, Berlin Chemie, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola HBC and about 90% of the country’s pharmaceuticals enterprises. Velko Lazov concludes, “We give our customers as many reasons as we can to prove that together we are going to change the world, especially in Bulgaria. This country is a great place to invest.”

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