United Water Supply
United Water Supply

In its effort to build strong foundations for sustainable development, Georgia is in the process of significantly modernising and upgrading its water infrastructure with the support of the different donor organizations and IFIs, including the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Bank (WB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The government has launched the Urban Services Improvement Investment Programme, which seeks to ensure reliable and safe water and sanitation services for all urban residents in Georgia by 2016.

Georgia’s government took a major step forward by grouping all water and waste management services under the direction of the United Water Supply Company of Georgia LLC, which brings under one roof functions formerly handled by 56 different entities all over the country, except Tbilisi and Adjara Water Utitlities. Benefiting from increased efficiency and reduced liabilities, United Water Supply Company of Georgia has launched several major renovation and construction projects and is looking for investor support to achieve all its ambitious goals.

Georgia has been plagued by unreliable water supplies due to outdated infrastructure, and United Water Company aims to change that. Mr. Irakli Kvashilava, Director of the Company, explains, “We would like to attract one billion US dollars more for building water and waste water sector throughout the country and completing other infrastructural development in various regions. We already have projects underway in 28 municipalities financed by the European Investment Bank and our company will soon offer more international competitive biddings for private sector participation in various projects.”

In the first phase of United Water’s long term effort to upgrade water and sewerage systems throughout the country, the company will bring guaranteed water supplies around the clock as well as modern waste water treatment systems to the cities of Poti, Anaklia and Mestia. This initiative, set for completion by 2015, is being funded by a US 500 million long term loan from the ADB.

The government and United Water also aim to implement modern, electronic controls for the country’s water and sewerage infrastructure, introduce Geo- Information Systems (GIS), and install up to date water quality control systems, including laboratories equipped with the latest technologies. Thanks to United Water Supply Company’s efforts, citizens throughout Georgia will be able to enjoy a better quality of life.