Vacamuuu Restaurant has been a success since it opened in Bucharest three years ago, and many international visitors have reviewed it on Trip Advisor as a highlight of their trips to Romania. The restaurant offers a varied menu that includes breakfast dishes, burgers and sandwiches, all kinds of steaks, lamb, veal, pork, chicken, a kids’ menu, a wide selection of tasty side dishes, salads, imported cheeses, sumptuous desserts, and a choice of wines, beers, cocktails and soft drinks.

Top-quality steaks from the finest cuts of beef, including aged Angus beef, are Vacamuuu’s speciality. Owner Bora Cokyapici says, “We use only local Romanian beef. We work with local farms and pick the animals ourselves. We never serve anything that does not match our high quality standards. We are also very professional. I am passionate about the restaurant business, and I believe that a great restaurant must be professional, legal and ethical. My analogy is that anyone can buy a Ferrari, but if you cannot handle it professionally, you do not have anything.”

Vacamuuu has developed a loyal following among locals, which make up around 67% of the restaurant’s diners. Additionally, the restaurant’s frequent guests include embassies, expats in Bucharest, and international travellers. Bora Cokyapici points out, “Most of our advertising is word-of-mouth. We do not need to advertise since our restaurant is usually full! We also cater corporate events and other special events, including Christmas parties, business events and university functions.”

Opening new restaurants in Bucharest and beyond

Building on Vacamuuu’s success, Bora Cokyapici is currently getting ready to open 16 more restaurants in Bucharest and outside the city and he plans to open branches of the restaurant in Frankfurt and Hong Kong. “Five years from now, I want Vacamuuu to still be number one and for us to have 40 restaurants operating,” he says.

With its high quality and popularity, Vacamuuu serves as an ambassador of Romania’s hospitality sector. Bora Cokyapici urges international travellers to discover Romania and to dine at Vacamuuu when they are in Bucharest. He explains, “Something needs to be done to promote the image of Romania worldwide. Romania is a beautiful country with excellent growth prospects but with an inaccurately negative global reputation. It is very important to me to support the image of Romania and we hope that visitors to our restaurant will recognise Romania’s potential.”


Vacamuuu Restaurant
Calea Floreasca No. 111, Bucharest
Tel.: + 0731 351 135
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