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Zamcapitol Enterprises Limited

Zamcapital Enterprises Ltd. (ZEL), a competitive state-owned enterprise run like a private corporation, has been providing top-quality services and products since 1970. Since the 1980s, the company has focused on the agriculture sector and is now one of the country’s leading manufacturers of food-processing, water-services, appliance-manufacturing, engineering and machine-building equipment.

General Manager Nobbie M. Simbeye says, “Our clients include individual farmers, rural communities, and institutions like Natsave Bank, through which we support farmers taking out loans to purchase our equipment.” Zamcapital produces a wide range of machinery and equipment for specialised agricultural purposes, including milling equipment which can process around 900 km of maize per hour. Zamcapital imports engines and motors from India and manufactures products specifically designed for the Zambian market; these products are also used throughout the region, particularly in Angola.

Zamcapital continues to diversify its activities and product portfolio. Nobbie M. Simbeye explains, “We have branched out into manufacturing windmills for irrigation purposes. These windmills can be connected to hand pumps, so that even when there is no wind, users can still pump water from underground. In addition, we recently began to supply solar panels which we import from China and assemble here in Zambia. Government institutions and rural health centres are the main clients for these panels.” Zamcapital is also active in the property market through renting out residential and commercial properties in premium rural locations on long leases.

Focus on quality

Zamcapitol Enterprises Limited

The company is well known for its focus on quality. Nobbie M. Simbeye points out, “We are not here just to make profits. We are here to help Zambia develop further, especially in rural areas. Zamcapital adds value to Zambia’s agriculture sector and plays a major role in the country’s drive to fight poverty.”

Zamcapital will continue to serve as Zambia’s premier provider of high-quality engineering services concerning manufacturing, product research and development. To reach its ambitious goals, which include expanding in the construction industry, the company is currently looking for international partnerships. “We are not only seeking capital investment but also knowledge and technology-sharing, for example in fast-track building techniques,” Nobbie M. Simbeye says. Zamcapital offers in-depth knowledge of the Zambian market and a strong track record of successful products and projects.

Zamcapital is ready to serve as the ideal local partner for international investors and companies interested in Zambia’s fast-growing agriculture and construction sectors. Nobbie M. Simbeye concludes, “Now is the time to come to Zambia and grasp opportunities.”

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