Petroleum Giant Guarantees Safety and Quality

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Engen Rwanda, a South African petroleum company present in Rwanda for eight years, focuses on quality products specifically designed for the African market. By providing certificates of quality, the company’s brand brings confidence to costumers. Owned by Petronas, one of the leading global oil companies, Engen is in the petroleum industry for 80 years, present across 17 countries in Africa.

Engen holds the 2nd position on the Rwandan market, with 150 employees, 20 petrol stations and US$35 million annual turnover guaranteeing 20% of the market share. With its own internal standards and regulations and its own refineries, Engen imports its own produce and has the capacity and experience to supply commercial clients, the manufacturing industry, as well as the mining and aviation sectors.

The company boasts an excellent reputation in terms of security, following strict policies to ensure there is no contamination. “We do not compromise on safety and we take care of the environment through different actions, such as our ‘dismantling and restoration’ policy. These standards are provided in every country in which we operate,” Sarah Doukoure – Bebey, Managing Director, points out.

She invites investors to Rwanda and emphasizes, “Engen has an excellent cooperation with the Rwandan government. Rwanda is a safe country to invest in and all investors will have a strong partner in Engen.”

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Engen Rwanda
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