Daeheak Aaron An, CEO
Daeheak Aaron An, CEO

AOS, established in 2013, is the result of a trusted and long-term partnership between the Government of Rwanda and kt – a leading global ICT service provider. Created as a joint venture, the company’s fundamental aim is to develop the ICT sector into a vibrant industry and to promote Rwanda as a regional ICT hub.

AOS, a Systems Integrator has developed an e-procurement system for Rwanda alongside other IT systems and aims to deliver the best solutions to exceed clients’ needs. Systems that have been developed and proven in Rwanda will be exported to other countries.

Rwanda’s largest provider of data centre services providing highly competitive cloud computing services to over 60% of the market, AOS transfers IT skills and offers a platform where local innovations are run as online services on the company’s infrastructure.

Daeheak Aaron An, CEO, explains that the company’s management combines kt and Rwandan expertise and the government provides support in terms of regulation, communication and facilitation. He says, “Going back to the vision behind the formation of AOS, there were specific objectives the Government of Rwanda wants to achieve, including the stimulation of IT industry growth, and transfer of technology and skills to support the transformation of Rwanda into a knowledge-based middle income economy.

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