Apex Rent-a-Car

Apex Rent-a-Car, a family-owned business founded in Blantyre in 1984, has steadily grown over the years and is now ranked among the top three car-hire companies in Malawi. Apex Rent-a-Car serves individual customers as well as a number of international organisations operating in the country, including the World Bank, several foreign embassies, non-government organisations and others. Corporate clients currently make up around 70% of Apex Rent-a-Car’s business.

Managing Director Nizam Kasmani explains that Apex Rent-a-Car operates its own garage which excels in providing top-quality maintenance and repairs for all vehicles in the Apex fleet. Apex also offers a range of value-added services, including chauffeur-driven vehicles on request.

Apex Rent-a-Car has achieved success even in difficult conditions. Nizam Kasmani says, “Car-hire companies do not receive any government incentives in Malawi, and when we want to expand our fleet, import duties on new cars are significant. Parts are expensive as well. In addition, maintenance costs for vehicles are high given the bad state of some of Malawai’s roads. Nevertheless we have grown into a large company with a very strong reputation.”

He adds that he would like the government to provide duty-free car imports so that car-hire companies can expand their options for their customers and in turn help to stimulate the growth of Malawi’s high-potential tourism sector.

Focus on quality and reliability

Meanwhile Apex Rent-a-Car continues to set itself apart from the many car-hire firms in Malawi.

Nizam Kasmani explains, “We are committed to being a company that maintains high quality standards and reliable vehicles. While tourists may look for the cheapest options, our established clients choose us for our reliability and excellent service. They know they can count on us.”

Apex Rent-a-Car welcomes the chance to serve more individual and corporate customers in Malawi. Nizam Kasmani concludes, “We give good service, we are reasonable on prices, and we are one of the historic companies in the car- hire business here in Malawi.”

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P.O. Box 1132 Area 4, Lilongwe
Tel: +256 1 75 4610
Mobile: +256 999 95 0707
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