Cutting-Edge Eco Development in Fast-Growing Braila


Rosalia 2020, the cutting-edge eco-development by Uzinsider SA, will help position Romania as a global leader in creating innovative projects for tomorrow’s world. Rosalia 2020 is ideally located in Braila, on the left bank of the Danube, within easy reach of international markets throughout Eastern Europe and beyond.

The project will feature a wide range of facilities and services fuelled by “green” energies and committed to environmental conservation, recycling and sustainability. Emanuel Babici, Vice President of Uzinsider, explains, “We welcome international investors in Rosalia 2020, an exceptional project which represents an exceptional investment opportunity.”

Braila is the perfect location for this state-of-the-art initiative. With a population of around 240,000, Braila is currently the focus of a major modernization and development programme which has received financial support from the EU’s €97 billion Danube development effort and the Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in a City Area (JESSICA) project. Braila’s development strategy includes new roads, a modern port and a new international airport.

Uzinsider, founded in 1992, acquired the Promex plant in Braila in 1997 and has developed industry-leading expertise in handling large, complex construction projects. Its Rosalia 2020 initiative will help make Braila Eastern Europe’s top transport hub, retail centre and business base.

Renewable energies, sustainable architecture

Rosalia 2020 – accessed by the ring road around Braila and the electric train line to Galati – will be powered by solar, wind, ethanol, and vegetable-oil energy plants. It will include a three-MW wind-power plant, a railway station, four-star offices and hotel facilities in an eight-hectare complex featuring innovative circular architecture, a rainwater-storage facility, high-quality residential developments, a spa and pool, a tri-generation energy plant, a mall covering 20 hectares, educational facilities, hardware and furniture stores, parking facilities, a church, vast gardens with a lake, the eight-hectare Promex Logistics Park and the 30-hectare Promex Technological and Industrial Park.

All construction in Rosalia 2020 will be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Existing structures will be transformed and new structures will be designed for maximum energy efficiency. Cantilevered terraces to make the most of natural light, water filters for cooling, and other high-tech “green” features will make Rosalia 2020 a model for “green” construction worldwide.

Rosalia 2020 will not only serve the population of the Braila area but will also attract a total population of around 650,000 living in the surrounding area (including Galati), where per-capita income levels are above average. Uzinsider’s Rosalia 2020 will serve as a global benchmark for forward-thinking, Earth-friendly development.

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