The Viessmann Group is the third largest manufacturer of heating, cooling and climate control technology in the World. Historically its business has centred upon Northern Europe, although it has a growing presence in China and will soon expand into Russia. In 2017, the company celebrates its centenary year, which will be marked by the construction of a new state of the art laboratory.

Viessmann in Belgium was traditionally a manufacturer of oil-fired boilers. During the 1990s, the company began changing its products from an emphasis upon oil to gas. Successful product transition provided confidence for the continued development of innovative new energy technologies. Viessmann (Belgium) is currently involved in manufacturing products not only for oil and gas boiler applications, but also for renewable energy solutions such as heat by-products, solar and biomass.

The strategic focus of Viessmann (Belgium) is upon heat and electricity products. Its core business is gas-fired condensation boilers, although renewable energy products are becoming increasingly important.

A buoyant market for gas boiler and renewable energy products has enabled Viessmann (Belgium) to achieve sales turnover of €95 million. This success has been underpinned by investment in workforce training, which enables the company to effectively sell and maintain products for new and existing energy technology.

Around 75 percent of sales turnover is contributed by sales of oil or gas boiler products, while products related to renewable energy solutions account for 15 percent. Most sales are generated by domestic rather than industrial customers, contributing 80 percent to the sales turnover. An estimated 80 percent of the company’s products are destined for the replacement or refurbishment of boilers in existing buildings, while the remaining 20 percent are sold for installation in new buildings.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the company is the reluctance of customers to invest in renewable energy solutions. Viessmann (Belgium) encourages investment by spreading word of the benefits related to renewable energy solutions at trade fairs and in trade magazines. The company’s task is made easier by the construction sector legislation, which recommends that all newly built housings have zero carbon emissions from 2020. This recommendation will be extended to existing buildings by 2050. Viessmann (Belgium) is already looking forward to these prospects through investment in new technology and products that will contribute to another 100 years of success.

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