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Dr. Catalin Simota, Director General of ICPA
Dr. Catalin Simota, Director General of ICPA

The National Research and Development Institute for Soil Science, Agro-Chemistry and Environment (Bucharest), or ICPA, has been playing a major role in Romania’s agriculture sector since 1970. The institute’s mission is to promote basic, strategic and applied research, surveys and long-term monitoring concerning soils and agro-chemistry.

The ICPA coordinates a nationwide network of 37 local soil-testing laboratories and works with many other Romanian and international institutions involved in research in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food and the environment. The ICPA also works closely with the ministries of agriculture, education, finance and labour. With around 100 employees, of whom 60 are researchers, the ICPA is Romania’s leading research organisation involved in soil science and related fields.

Director General Dr. Catalin Simota explains, “We deal with the soil, whose quality is a key element in agricultural development. We serve agriculture by finding ways to achieve better results from the soil without polluting. We have completed many studies with international partners, including the World Bank and institutions in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe.” He adds that the ICPA is currently developing a soil portal for Romania which farmers and other interested parties inside and outside Romania can consult.

Essential information for investors in agricultural projects


For international investors in agricultural projects in Romania, the ICPA is a treasure trove of essential information. Dr. Catalin Simota says, “International companies should be aware that the information the ICPA has on hand can really help them boost their profits. For example, we have a database of climate projects from throughout the 20th century, with records for every 10 km, every month. This kind of information can help

companies make the right decisions about their agricultural projects. Some investors in Romania have lost a lot of money because they launched an agricultural project in the wrong location. We can help investors avoid this.” The ICPA can also provide support concerning environmentally friendly waste management.

The ICPA has no debt and is known for its fast decision-making. It has also earned a strong reputation as a valued partner for organisations throughout Romania and Europe, and it welcomes the chance to work with investors in Romania’s high-potential agriculture sector. Dr. Catalin Simota concludes, “We support the implementation of modernisation projects in agriculture, and international investors and companies can trust the ICPA to help them achieve success with their projects here in Romania.”

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