Exclusive Audio Equipment and High Standards of Professional Service

Founded in 2000, A.V. Audio Sys LLC It is the sole importer and dealer for many brands of professional audio equipment in Romania. Representing over 50 brands of audio or musical instruments, the company offers exclusive high quality products and is known for its high standards of professional service.

Audio Sys offers a wide range of professional audio products: studio equipment, microphones, MIDI controllers, audio interfaces – sound card , analog and digital mixers, power speakers, effects, DJ equipment, analog and digital audio recorders, headphones etc. They also provide musical instruments, such as guitars, guitar amplifiers, effects for guitars, digital pianos, synthesizers, drums and percussion instruments, etc. Audio Sys offers products of some of the best audio brands, such as Yamaha, Roland, Fender, Line 6, Kemper, Alesis, Akai, Novation, Ableton, DAS Audio, M-Audio, Waves, Steinberg, Presonus, Cerwin Vega, Event Electronix, TC Electronic, RME, Joemeeknd, Senheisser, Neumann and others.

“I started the company out of passion and because I saw the need in the Romanian market for high tech audio performing equipment. And it was the right decision. We represent some of the best brands and participate in exhibitions and fairs every year. We are very proud of the professional services we offer to our clients”, Andrei Constantinescu, owner of Audio Sys, emphasizes.