Building excellence in the welling and exploration business for over 30 years, Ipoletse started drilling in the early 1980’s, headed by the father of the current owner, Kim Du Toit. Having done extensive work for various government departments in Botswana, their business moved its focus to the farming communities. Word-of-mouth advertising had accelerated the growth of the company. Educating farmers and communities on the proper use and maintenance of their products, boreholes and pumps, is set as a key priority. The track record of the company’s social responsibility was crowned with the joint projects implemented with the Office of the President of Botswana on eradication of poverty for the disabled. Their donations in finances, materials and services to various charitable causes have been widely acclaimed. Being one of two companies in the country which work on rehabilitation of boreholes, Ipoletse expanded its expertise in dewatering, natural gas and uranium exploitation and mining. In addition to state institutions, parastatals and individuals, their portfolio includes business deals with major domestic and foreign construction companies. Being a family business with long tradition, it is no wonder that Ipoletse is recognized as a transparent and trustworthy business partner by customers, who especially appreciate their tailor–made consultancy, training and after-sales follow up.

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