Vibrant Company Bringing Zambia’s Development to the Next Level

Established in 2002 in Lusaka, Kawanaki Investments Ltd. is Zambia’s renowned multifaceted company, offering a wide range of activities in the mining, construction, supplying, and recruitment sector.

The company has constructed numerous health clinics in the country in collaboration with the government, recently changing the direction of activities towards the construction of swimming pools, focusing on high-end commercial clients. Edward Simukonda, Managing Director, points out, “Our company is widely renowned for the quality it provides, the management that is involved in all stages of the process and the exceptional finishing in construction works.”

Kawanaki Investments supports the initiative to construct paved roads in the remote parts of the country as a cost-efficient replacement of the expensive bituminous roads. In this context, the company is offering its knowledge and equipment, which in combination with the support of the local authorities will ensure the development of Zambia’s rural areas.

Edward Simukonda emphasizes, “Our growth strategy is to identify new ways for better service, being highly responsive to the discerning needs of our customers”. The company is interested in creating partnerships with European companies that can provide financial support and know-how. “Zambia is a pearl, come and discover it. The people are friendly and business orientated, the land is fertile, and the growing economy offers many opportunities. Collaborate with local partners that have the ambition to bring Zambia to the next level”, he concludes.

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Kawanaki Investments Ltd.
Plot No.12199 Off Buluwe Road Woodlands, Lusaka
Tel.: +260 977 778 293