Metal Industry Leader Implementing Cutting Edge Technologies

Plamen Bonev, CEO and Chairman of the Board, explains, “Our investment policy focuses on continuously upgrading our equipment and acquiring new machines and technologies for machinery and steel production. We have installed grinding machines from Herkules (Germany) and an electro-slag remelting plant from Inteco (Austria). We have managed to weather the economic crisis thanks to our investments and the fact that we work for most companies in Europe, Asia, the US, etc.”

Plamen Bonev, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Plamen Bonev, CEO and Chairman of the Board

The company has its own electrical power station and is in the process of developing its own €120 million solar power facility. It fully complies with all EU environmental regulations. Projects in the works include implementing new technologies developed by NASA and building a new electro-slag remelting furnace. “We have many orders for projects for our established and new clients,” Plamen Bonev says. “Radomir Metal Industries’ partners include Rolls Royce, Kobe Steel, General Electric, Arcelor Mittal, United States Steel, Thyssen Krupp AG, etc.”

Radomir Metal Industries serves clients in a wide range of sectors, including the ship building, cement, mining, nuclear power, steel manufacturing and metals sectors, and it exports around 97% of its production. To potential partners, Plamen Bonev says, “Come to Bulgaria and work with us!”

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