DSQ Consulting

Established fifteen years ago amidst challenging market conditions, DSQ Consulting today enjoys a nation-wide reputation for its broad spectre of construction services, especially their road construction segment. Director Terry Chinamano emphasises that the company engages in “a dynamic development process, focused on building a system that will produce, in the long run, immediate solutions tailored to the needs of customers. One of our main competitive advantages is the ability to understand customer relationships, not as a rigid contract concluded by an act of sale and purchase of a service package, but a permanent constructive interface which turns partners into lifelong friends and colleagues.”

By using the finest, high-quality concrete which is durable, cost-efficient and easy to maintain, the roads they construct set the standards for other market competitors. In addition, bridges and commercial infrastructure are becoming priority areas in the company’s portfolio, after a phase in which DSQ Consulting had its focus on the residential segment of the market. However, the firm’s trained and experienced professionals maintain their impeccable track record in exterior finishes (roof covering, insulating windows, exterior plasters, polystyrene insulation), interior finishes (plasters, ceramic wall and floor tiles, parquet), sanitary facilities, thermal and electrical installations.

A favourite choice for businesses, their projects include multifunctional buildings, retail shops and shopping centres, residential complexes, hotels, public buildings and parking lots. DSQ Consulting has been contracted for building industrial and production halls, warehouses and logistics centres, refinery spaces, wind farms and airports.

Reflecting on the business climate in Zambia Terry Chinamano concludes by saying that “investors should be confident of the country’s great potential and the capabilities of its hard-working people.

DSQ Consulting Ltd.
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