Duna Armatura Bucuresti

Duna Armatura Bucuresti has been providing world-class products and reliable services to its customers since 1997 and is an exclusive distributor for French company EJ. Ownership of Duna Armatura Bucuresti is entirely Romanian since 2013, when Romanian entrepreneurs Mihaela Bucerzan, Romanita Isbasoiu and Mircea Gadjiu bought the shares from Hungarian company.

Duna Armatura Bucuresti has positioned itself as a partner of choice for public-utilities operators and private firms in the water, sewerage, heating and gas sectors, including the water companies of Bucharest, Ploiesti, Iasi and Brasov as well as E.ON Gas, Hidroconstructia, Distrigaz, Apa Nova Bucuresti and Ploiesti, Strabag and Wilo Romania.

Duna Armatura Bucuresti

A valued international partner, Duna Armatura Bucuresti imports and distributes ductile-iron pipes; cast-iron pipes and fittings; diverse pipeline fittings produced by Ludwig Frischhut (Germany) and Unijoint (the Netherlands); gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves and strainers produced by Belgicast Internacional (Spain), Metalpol (Poland), Gemak (Greece) and T.I.S.

Service Group (Italy); fire hydrants produced by Metalpol; sealing devices, insulated joints and other accessories for water and gas networks in collaboration with PSI Products (Germany); manhole covers, gratings, frames and surface boxes produced by EJ France, service valves and intake rings produced by Belgicast Internacional (Spain) and Cimberio (Italy); and stainless-steel flexible couplings for pipes produced by Uniones Arpol (Spain).

Executive Director Mihaela Bucerzan says “We are specifically proud of our manhole covers and pressure reducer bulbs. We are known in the industry for offering the solutions to our customers, not only products. We always look at the whole project together with the client, give them advice and together with them make sure we deliver what was promised. That is why we rarely face any claims”

Administrator Romanita Isbasoiu concludes “We provide the best product for a reasonable price. We stand behind our suppliers and know what we are offering to our clients. We stay committed to maintaining productive international partnerships and are welcoming new ones“.

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Bulevardul Ghencea, Nr. 79, Sector 6, Bucharest
Tel.: +40 21 317 0250
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