Innovative Solutions for Agricultural Sustainability

The National Institute of Research and Development for Machines and Installations in the Agriculture and Food Industry – INMA—plays a key role in helping Romania make the most of its natural resources. INMA promotes European and international standards in Romania’s agriculture and food industries and is developing innovative solutions for enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability while coping with climate change.

Ion Pirna, Manager, explains, “INMA has a cutting-edge laboratory and puts the focus on applied research. Our goal is to discover new technologies, equipment and processes which benefit the agriculture and food industries.” INMA cooperates in research projects with several private companies and welcomes the chance to work with other partners throughout Europe and beyond.

One of INMA’s current priorities is to contribute to climate change mitigation by developing the innovative technical equipment solution designed for forest belts recovery for protection of roads, human settlements, economic objectives and agricultural crops. Another goal is the rehabilitation of degraded soils by reforestation. Following these goals has been developed technical equipment which allows planting of 3.2 ha/shift work of seedlings without earth bale. Another innovation from INMA is the technical equipment to help eradicate insects which attack potato crops. This machinery has boosted potato yields by over 20% without the use of insecticides. INMA is committed to sustainable agriculture.

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6 Ion Ionescu de la Brad, Blv, Sector 1
Bucharest 71592, OP 18
Tel. +40 212 693 255