Dr. Mihai Pascu, Vice President for Investments, Brasov City Council
Dr. Mihai Pascu, Vice President for Investments, Brasov City Council

Dr. Mihai Pascu, Vice President for Investments, Brasov City Council, discusses investment opportunities in Brasov County.

European Times: What is your role in attracting investment?

Dr. Mihai Pascu: Brasov County is one of 41 counties in Romania. Each country has its own development plan, and Brasov County has devised a strategy to promote sustainable development to 2030.

European Times: What are some of Brasov’s recent projects?

Dr. Mihai Pascu: We have three very important projects which complement each other: building a new regional airport, building highways, and building an intermodal railway terminal. The new airport will include an intermodal terminal for cargo traffic. Concerning highway development, the government of Romania is building new highways to Bucharest, Sibiu and Bacau, with connections to Hungary, and to Moldova. These highways will help stimulate growth in Brasov. As for the intermodal railway terminal project, it will connect both with the EU railway network, with a connection through Constanza to the Black Sea and the EU highways. This railway passes through the Brasov region. The airport, highway and terminal will also benefit the Harghita and Covasna regions.

European Times: What are you doing to attract investments?

Dr. Mihai Pascu: We can offer various incentives such as providing road, water and sewerage infrastructure. In the past there were problems for the private sector because the legal framework was subject to change too often. Now there is an economical and political stability, which means more predictability for the development plans of the private sector, so we hope to see our projects move forward quickly.

European Times: Why should Brasov receive EU funding and investments?

Dr. Mihai Pascu: Brasov is the main economic engine for the region and achieves the highest GDP. We are the top region in Romania in tourism, industry, education and research, and services. Brasov is very multicultural and has a long European tradition. We welcome EU investors.

European Times: What changes do you predict for Brasov in the coming five years?

Dr. Mihai Pascu: Brasov is set on the ancient Silk Road connecting Europe and Asia, and it was a major trade centre for 600 years. Once our major projects are completed, Brasov will be a key business, trade and industrial hub for Romania thanks to its strategic location. I want EU investors to know that Romania is not a country of poor people begging on the streets! My advice to potential investors is to talk with investors who are already here. You will find that they are very satisfied that they are doing business in Romania.